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ReallyCassandra Orgonite™ #003

$ 375.00

Orgone energy is a term used to describe a discreet yet all-pervasive force discovered by the Austrian scientist, Wilhelm Reich. Synonymous with "chi" or "prana", Orgone energy protects you from harmful EMF (electromagnetic fields), boosts the immune system, and promotes the free flow of energy throughout the human body. This orgonite pyramid made by Cassandra Wilson contains quartz crystals, brass or aluminum shavings, copper coils and polished semi-precious stones. Infused with the F# (heart chakra) frequency from a Tibetan singing bowl and powerful vocal frequencies, ReallyCassandra Orgonite™ is a song written with love during the waxing moon. Listen closely. You will be pleasantly surprised. 

All the irregularities and inconsistencies that you may find are part of the orgonite's unique hand crafted character, beauty and texture; its value as a sculpture is thereby enhanced. Each pyramid has a six-inch square base, and is signed and numbered. There are only one hundred pieces in this series.

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